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Weight Cutting For Athletes Ebook, by Adee Cazayoux

Weight Cutting For Athletes Ebook, by Adee Cazayoux


**Order before February 28, you'll also be invited to a private webinar and Q&A with me, where I'll answer any of your questions about weight cutting!**

Learn how to cut weight without cutting performance with Working Against Gravity’s Weight Cutting eBook. Author and CEO of WAG, Adee Cazayoux, guides you from choosing your weight class all the way through to last minute cutting techniques – the same ones WAG uses to work with athletes from beginner, to the highest level. This book also shares some of those athletes success stories.

Whether you're a coach or an athlete in any weight class driven sport, this guide removes the guesswork from your nutrition so you can focus your energy on you/your athletes performance.

Contents includes:

  • Advising on weight class selection
  • Considering the various factors involved in a cut and whether it's right for you/your athlete
  • Navigating various weigh in timing: 2 hour weigh-in VS 24 hour weigh in
  • 2 - 3 months before meet day strategies
  • 7 days before meet day strategies
  • The day before weigh-in
  • Last minute tactics

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