WAG Meal Planning Package

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WAG Meal Planning Package is a digital download to help plan your day with ease and includes: 

  • The "Food-Sensitive" Chart
    • For many of you who have to navigate around certain food items due to sensitivities, this chart should help you come up with ideas. Initially designed as a “Whole 30” reference chart, this list can aid you in determining sources of macros that can be hard to achieve when eliminating food groups.
  • A Daily Meal Planning Template
    • For those of you who need a bit more space in planning your meals, this template allows you to arrange your macros into meals on a daily basis.
  • The "Help! What do I Eat?" Chart
    • Not sure how to fit in more protein at the end of the day without going over on fat? Do you need ideas for foods high in one macro without adding to others? We’ve created a chart for you that is pre-populated with food ideas to help you meet your macros at the end of the day.
  • A Go-To Foods & Combos Template  
    • A blank template for you to fill in your favorite “go-to” items when you need to play macro tetris. Are you short on protein for the day? Do you
      prefer to have a certain ratio of protein-to-carbs for a pre-workout meal? Create a list that you can reference for these tricky moments.